A yogi couple in the heart of the rocky mountains,
sharing their heART and playing their pART in the dream…

Original art by Jyoti Jacobs and Hansa Devi.




Through a fusion between photography and fine art, Jyoti invites moments of wonder with a subtle spiritual nature to his landscapes and scenes. His pieces invoke silence and inquiry, as much as gratitude for the natural wonders of this world. All pieces are inspired by the past ten years of travels. DIVE DEEPER



The duo share weekly yoga offerings through the Ridgway Yoga Shala, as well as many New and Full Moon gatherings throughout the year. Fascinated by the inner sciences, steeped in Advaita Vedanta and yoga philosophy, the duo is dedicated to holding space for others on the inward journey. DIVE DEEPER


No Mind Mala

Tapping into the medicine of the mineral kingdom, boosting and balancing as needed, these handmade prayer beads serves as a sweet reminder to take conscious steps out of the rational mind and dive back into the core of being. Get a custom made piece, or see what is in stock today. DIVE DEEPER

Thirdeye Visionaries : Mission


Beautification, challenging human belief systems, and holding space for inner exploration, that pretty much sums up the mission of the Thirdeye Visionaries duo, Hansa & Jyoti.

While living in India, Thirdeye Visionaries was born as a platform to share visionary art and find a way to meet likeminded. Today, the duo is blessed to call Ridgway, Colorado, their home, as they ship their own creations all over the world. The shape shifting nature of the business reflects their journey through different medias and modes of creative expression.

Today, they mostly focus on PhotoArt, Pyrography, Malas, Handpan and Yoga offerings.