The Duo

It all started in India, back in 2009…

Thirdeye Visionaries was born as a platform to share visionary art and find a way to meet likeminded. Today, the duo is blessed to call Ridgway, Colorado, their home, as they ship their own creations all over the world. The shape shifting nature of the business reflects their journey through different medias and modes of creative expression, whereas service and love is always the constant, the core, the heART. Embodying vedantic philosophy and living a simple life is at the heart of their path.

From photography to fine art, to spray paint and elaborate pyrography. From gardening to tincture making, from mala making to web designing. From living in a yurt in the woods to living in an old fire station, and most recently, manufacturing eco friendly hardcases out of recycled paper products for a global handpan community. The creative journey that the duo of Thirdeye Visionaries have embarked on has been fascinating and fun, to say the least. The duo has also over the years produced a collection of greeting cards, magnet packs, posters, and intentional gifts. Giving love has always been the mantra.

Today, they mostly focus on PhotoArt, Pyrography, No Mind Malas, Handpan and Yoga offerings.


A beautificator at heart, a photographer by trade. An avid gardener, soccer player and coach, as well as delightful handpan player and fine artist. Jyoti is a man of many traits and is never afraid to explore new creative territory. Curious and innovative, he is a deep diving truth seeker who looks intimately at the nature of life and this so called reality. Jyoti’s current creative phase involves what we call PhotoArt - digital oil paintings, based on original photographs from all over the world.


With her heart in nature and silence, she works with the healing properties of the mineral kingdom - as the founder and artist of No Mind Mala. Embodying yogic values and living a sattvic simple life is her deep fascination and sadhana, whereas of service she guides and practices traditional Ashtanga yoga. What she shares is inevitably interwoven with Advaita Vedanta, in the lineage of Swami Dayananda Saraswati and as a devotee of Sri Mooji and Sri Ramana Maharshi.


Thirdeye Visionaries is the result of two passionate beings who serve the community by sharing their heART, with the aim to inspire the inward journey for fellow truth seekers.