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The Philosophy

The No Mind Mala serves as a sweet reminder to take conscious steps out of the rational mind and dive back into the sacred space of the heart, hridayam, the core of being. Wear the mala as a reminder to tap into the depths of contentment and live in a constant state of rebirth. Let go of the mind and give way to the essence, the heart, the self. 


The No Mind Mala journey started when Hansa lived in India. She had received a number of blessed malas from teachers and places she held great reverence for, but felt a strong urge, for a long time, to share the blessings. She cut the malas and started to incorporate some blessed beads on each new piece she made. This became the start of her mala creation phase of life. Since then, she has travelled extensively and collected beads, gems and materials to incorporate into her own sacred creation process. A lot of her time is dedicated to special order malas, where she incorporates the gemstone properties to help boost or balance other beings, one mala at a time. Nowadays, she gets to share the magic of working with the gems, as Jyoti helps out with filling orders and stringing beads. This has become such a sweet addition and blessing to the mala creation process.